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Evaluating the success of an organization or of a particular activity in which it engages.

Visibility for success

Having real metrics available to all, such as ratings, indicates who does, and most specifically, who does not perform. KPIs are used to represent complex processes as easily as possible and as quickly as possible to execute control tasks.

The most important relationships and key success measures must be measurable and achievable.

Visibility enables clearer enterprise-wide KPI alignment, and teams can see what KPIs may be most important to their people and mission.

With DoerKeyMetric, managers can:

Full review of progress towards objectives

KPIs are specified metrics that assist companies to monitor performance over time.

To assess their success and align their company against competitors, companies also calculate these metrics. To track progress towards goals of any level, KPIs can be used.

DoerKeyMetric could be used to assess employee engagement, providing data that can be utilised to improve engagement.

Once a KPI is defined, it is important to define and carry out in practice methods of measuring and evaluating performance.

Company use KPI to assess progress of:

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