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A COMPLETE toolkit for ongoing high performance management where you can improve your team’s FOCUS, ALIGNMENT, TRANSPARENCY, ACCOUNTABILITY while MEASURING, TRACKING & ACHIEVING STRETCHED GOALS

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DoerHRM OKR Software tools that provides you the most simple way to execute your strategy and builds teams that perform!


Align and connect employees to corporate goals


Empowers and encourages individuals to take responsibility


Tie KPI to balanced scorecards for organisational strategy


Provides a full perspectives of strengths and weaknesses


An agile OKR system which align and structure goals to create highly productive teams


A critical Key Performance Indicator for strategic and operational improvement


An empowerment for performance boosting

DoerBlueprint helps to unleash 100% potential of your team by hitting peak performance with Strategic Action Plan, Baseline & Metrics, SWOT analysis and Health Check.


A systematic recurring team progress and status reporting

DoerPlan applied PPP methodology to allow constant update on Plans, Progress and Problem within team for speedy management and course corrects.


A multi-rater feedback system for professional personal development

DoerHRM’s 360 Degree Feedback provides powerful and balance point-of-views encouraging prompt positive behaviour change.


An open-ended session for strengthen mutual relationship

DoerTalk provides a series of sample questions to assist you in the journey of building trust and loving relationship within the team.

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