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OKR Free Coaching

It's not easy to teach everyone about OKRs and get them on board, which is why DoerHRM offers more than just resources and support.

Benefits of OKR Coaching


Our certified OKR coach come with strong industry experience of 20+ years in strategy and management. Having worked with a lot of Leadership and next level teams, our coaches come with the tools and techniques to drive transformational change.

Get OKRs right

There’s no winging it in OKRs! You would spend a lot of wasted time and bandwidth, coupled with multiple bloopers. Our OKR coach have the methodology, maturity and knowledge to help you get it right the first time.


In our experience, clarifications on OKRs can come, well, just about anytime. Our coach is  available on demand, on multi-channel, be it email, LinkedIn, WhatsApp or Zoom. All you need to do is place a query or book a time slot with us.

Simple and powerful OKR Software

Delivering Powerful OKR Software to help you to reach your business goals! Contact us today for your no obligation FREE Consultation.