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Peter Drucker was fully aware of the importance of disciplined planning and execution – hence his famous quote: Plans are just good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work. In many successful companies, they use OKR to tightly integrate the ideas and the plans for execution in the strategy process itself. What is OKR?

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The course is a combination of classroom theory, homework, multimedia, hands-on, proven practical experience sharing and software tools for the implementation of knowledge gained in order to make the learning complete; that’s applying immediately what have been learned!

KPI vs Key Results vs Metrics: The differences and benefits of each approach

When developing your business strategy, understanding the fundamental differences between individual approaches can help you deliver the results that your business desires. In business management, people often erroneously use KPIs, key results, and metrics interchangeably, resulting in poor planning and missed opportunities. In this post, we will understand the differences

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How a manager can effectively conduct one-on-one coaching sessions

Effective organizational communication requires effective One-on-One Coaching. Within the organizational hierarchy, the manager is responsible for conducting the One-on-One coaching sessions for accurate and productive output. The better the coaching sessions, the greater the improvement you can see on the overall performance. Structuring the Effective One-on-One coaching sessions One-on-One coaching

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How to Promote Healthy Competition to Drive Results

In a workplace setting, healthy competition is a vital stimulant that motivates employees to achieve the best possible results for your company. Fostering an optimum level of competition between colleagues can boost productivity and give your staff a sense of achievement when completing their day-to-day tasks. However, too much competition

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5 KPIs Every Sales Manager Must Measure and Track

The key performance indicators also known as KPI are used by managers and leaders to track the growth and performance of the team. Customer Acquisition Cost Customer acquisition cost means money spent to acquire a customer through any means which could be money spent on marketing, lead generation strategies, or

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