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Get up-to-date on current tasks and challenges, improve team goals, and recognize future engagement problems as they occur with DoerHRM.

Visible to everyone in the company

Best strategy are only theory. Ability to execute is everything. Try OKRs goal management framework to align your teams to win. The day-to-day report planning, progress, problem (PPP) in your check-in will be clear to everyone in the company.

Your check-in:

Setting priority tasks to stay focus

Activities or tasks set out by employees in their check-in report can be customized to the priority work.

Priority work will be outlined in order to ensure that workers note it clearly. Employee ends up wasting time organizing sticky notes for to-do lists.

Now, with DoerPlan, you can:

Link your progress to OKR

Associate your tasks with OKRs, to make it easier for progress monitoring on the respective Key Results. The tasks of your check-in can be associated with quarterly or monthly OKR. The completion of a task or activity would result in the completion of your Key Result.

DoerPlan helps you to:

Simple and powerful OKR Software

Delivering Powerful OKR Software to help you to reach your business goals! Contact us today for your no obligation FREE Consultation.