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High Performance Leadership, Management, & Team Coaching

2 days OKR Training + 3 Months OKR Coaching + 12 Months Follow Up
The High Performance Leadership, Management and Team Coaching Program (10001154578)

Overview​ - High Performance Leadership, Management, & Team Coaching

The course is a combination of classroom theory, homework multimedia, hands-on, proven practical experience sharing and software tools for the implementation of knowledge gained in order to make the learning complete; that’s applying immediately what have been learned! When you sign-up, you will learn:

Team Coaching Essentials

Coaching for Greater Influence

High performance Coaching

How to Build a High Performance Team

Business environment is rapidly changing and bringing new challenges, and more so for the huge impact from the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic.

This will require businesses to radically redesign their business models, have a more capable and agile team to adapt for this sudden disruption.

To successfully make this shift, you will need to have a team to embrace a broader, more holistic process oriented mindset to constantly adapt for new changes. Do you have the right tools and effective approach to response and adapt?

These are the results of effective implementation of the idea, methods, tools and procedures we are going to share in this online workshop.

Learning Path

Do you want to create a culture of accountability on your team, and gets excellent outcomes as a result? As a manager, setting goals for your company as a means of achieving great results is not easy. As you know, regardless of the organizational learning process that you adopt, nothing can be learned overnight. However, is it possible to make it faster by using OKRs?

What Are OKRs? It’s a goal management tool created by former Intel CEO Andy Groove in 1970+ and helped Intel won a losing battle and have supported the growth of Google to grow from 40 to 60,000 employee and today, Google is still using OKR extensively. OKRs help for better focus to transparency, better team alignment, and accountability, OKR can assist you in achieving the company’s goals by helping the members of its team to take action and set their own goals.

As an entrepreneur, I know how important it is to see what works at your business and what doesn’t. Business is unpredictable, and something that won’t change is change itself. You need to constantly measure your business performance so you know what’s successful and what is not, and start doing something to manage it, and help organizations to monitor and make developmental decisions.

You will learn practical step by step procedures, and software tool to implement OKR successfully in your company.

Coaching Wheel Model that focus on

  • Developing a coaching mindset recognising all the challenges for
  • SOFA model to create a better working environment. Focuses on four important elements of feedback.


Developing a coaching mindset recognizing all the challenges for

  • A solution-focused approach
  • Ability to focus on our strengths
  • Curiosity to understand other people


SOFA model to create a better working environment. Focuses on four important elements of feedback

Course Detail

High performing teams basically are aligned with and committed to a common purpose, who consistently show high levels of collaboration and innovation and of course, produce superior results.

A high performing team is a team that make you love to come to work every morning, a team that charge you up with energy, and a team that encourage you to accomplish goals you never thought possible. In the company, you have this great sense of belonging and believe that others will be covering your back. The team made work fun to do, exciting and it is an adventure every day.

This lesson you will learn the basic of how to build a high performance team and some effective team coaching approach to adopt coaching mindset, to develop knowledge and skill in coaching, and to create a coaching environment

Ultimately we aim to help you to achieve the following results for your organization:

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