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How It Works

DoerHRM works for any type of business organisations. We help develop and grow your company in the way you desire. Take a look at how DoerHRM works with the step-by-step process below with your starting business point.

How OKR Software Works?

Company Objectives

Company Objectives are established by leaders to provide teams a direction to work toward during the quarter.

Team OKRs

Teams create objectives and key results that will help the company achieve its objectives.

Daily & Weekly Check-ins

The team sets their daily and weekly plans in order to achieve the outcomes required to advance their OKRs.

OKR Coaching

Teams and leaders collaborate closely with our OKR coaches to make sure OKR best practises are ingrained in behaviour.

1. Any Type of Business

1. DoerHRM works for any type of business at any stage of development, no matter you are a start-up or a well-known big company.. Join our tour to see how DoerHRM guide you step-by-step in starting, running and growing your team and businesses.

Getting started with DoerHRM is very easy. We just need a few simple details about your business to help you select important goals. Then, DoerHRM would be able to help you start your journey to success.

2. Good Overview of Action Plans

After deciding the company’s direction of growth, you can get started with your company’s objectives.

The DoerHRM OKR is a good overview of all your action plans as it defines your progress on achieving the Objectives and Key Results. It’s a quick, easy yet efficient method to execute your company’s strategy. By using DoerHRM, it allows you to create a productive team and company as it aligns your whole company into moving towards the same direction – Success.

3. great way to grow successful business

The OKRs is a great way to grow successful business. DoerHRM OKRs are created to help everyone in your company to focus on the same direction with clear priorities, in a constant rhythm. “Great things in business are never done by one person, they are done by a team of people”.

4. Everyone easy to master it

When you’re done setting up your OKRs, you can now move on to updating your OKRs regularly.

DoerHRM arranges the Objectives and Key Results progress down into simple steps with guides and tool buttons so that everyone in your company are able to master it. Your OKR starts with a typical structure of one objective with 2-5 key results. Every single title in DoerHRM is customizable which allow you to edit or update the Objectives, Key Results and Doer Actions as you wish.

5. no more math or complex spreadsheets

Every final touch of building you plan is creating a budget. However, by using DoerHRM, you don’t have to worry about it as we can make it easier for you.

With DoerHRM, no more math or complex spreadsheets will be needed. Enter the Objectives you think you can stretch to achieve along with your aspirational Key Results. Then, DoerHRM will automatically create your OKRs and show you the team alignment to the company’s strategy. If you’re not sure what number to put in, try making a guess and DoerHRM will help you to identify if your OKR is reasonable.

6. create your preferable OKRs and predictions

Check your inputs against the OKR examples to see how they compare to commonly practiced OKR.

With DoerHRM’s OKR, you can select examples we provided from businesses across the world that resembles your own company to see if your OKR is realistic. DoerHRM helps you to create your preferable OKRs and predictions.

7. Keep your team and business growing healthily

Keep your team and business growing healthily with our DoerHRM High-Performance Productivity Framework.

Keep your team and business growing healthily with our DoerHRM High-Performance Productivity Framework.

8. Develop high transparency company culture

Develop high transparency company culture to encourage healthy competition for greater productivity and profitability.

With DoerHRM, OKRs will be transparent within a company and everyone will be allowed to get access to each other’s progress and also their contribution to the team’s Key Results. By promoting a high transparency company culture, accountability and productivity of each employee will be cultivated.

Simple and Powerful OKR Software

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