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Business Plan

Providing the business objectives of the techniques for how these objectives should be accomplished and the timeframe these objectives need to be achieved.

Action on strategic planning

Every organization has its own Vision & Mission and may even have a SWOT analysis between its own company and its competitors.

DoerBlueprint encourage you to add in your company’s specifics by using the Company Planning feature, where everyone is continually reminded of the company’s top target.

As a matter of fact, the SWOT analysis that we provide can also be used for the employees from various departments who can only be accessed by their respective managers.

With DoerHRM SWOT analysis, you can:

Targeting value for company’s sales

Every year, each organization draws up a list of values to be reached as its revenue target. With Baseline & Metrics, we provide you with a table form that helps set your sales target.

Superiors should connect contributors to the target. Any user could see what is the targeted values the organization has set for each month and in a manner that will inspire each other to achieve the objective.

Baseline & Metrics gives a number of methods to study and compare information that showcase your company success and help discover issues that are holding it back, all without demanding a significant amount of time or effort from your employees.

OKR Targeting value for company’s sales

Scoring evaluation of each aspects of the departments

Health Check is structured to encourage other employees or supervisors to send ratings to various departments for how well they have done and how easily they are able to accomplish the goals of their departments.

It is a powerful, but easy-to-use module designed to track your employee’s performance, and publish the data to the company’s health record system. The goal of DoerHealthCheck is to improve outcomes and manage costs for your organization.

There are 6 different categories that the users can give their scorings to; which are the teammates, financial resources, technology development, product market fit, sales & marketing and execution & focus.


Quarterly objective planning

With a powerful goal setting system such as OKR, there is also a Quarterly Planning that is quite similar, but rather a brief simple highlight of what the priorities and plans are.

Setting your targets will help you transition from output to output based approaches. With your goals set and plans made, you’re going to be more driven with a clear direction to go.

It helps to:

Sharing resources library for entire company

With DoerHRM, we encourage you to share some document tools with your organization.

It can be found as a library where you can post successful business experiences or studies that you’re hoping and feel the need for your coworkers to learn.

It allows everyone in the company or specific users to get accessed to the said document without the need to send them separately.

Simple and Powerful OKR Software

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