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Introduction To Vision & Mission Statement

Whenever an organization is established, it has some aims and goals. The administration sits together and its priority is to formulate a plan which enlists its priorities and objectives. The organization then implements those objectives through its employees to reach a determined destination. That determined destination is characterized as a vision. And the enlisting of that vision on your organization’s agenda is known as a vision statement. This vision statement works as a light way for the organization to reach the destination. It helps the organization to make the right decisions.

How to Write an Inspiring Vision Statement?

A vision statement is not a mere sentence of some words. It is the future of the organization, as it defines, where the company should stand in the future. For the composition of an inspiring vision statement, it should be finalized after taking opinions from various experts that gather together to form the expert panel for the respective company.

Secondly, it should be based on facts. The vision shouldn’t be something that seems just impossible. It should be challenging but achievable. Thirdly, it should be inspiring not only to the ones who look from outside. But to the employees, so that they can work at their best to make a company successful towards its vision.

Fourth, the vision statement should be unique. It is a very important characteristic of the formulation of an inspiring vision statement.

Mission Statement

Talking about the mission statement, it is the plan riding upon which will ensure success to the company to reach and accomplish its vision. It is the list of objectives and steps that will enable the company to reach its destination. Whenever you start on a goal, you first think of a map to reach that goal. If the map is not present you cannot reach the destination. Take this in form of a simple example, suppose you are a traveler and want to visit various places. When you need to visit a certain place, you first need to read about the directions and road way to reach that place otherwise you will be lost. Similar to the rule for organizations, in order to reach the destination, you need to formulate the direction.

How to Write an Inspiring Mission Statement

As the word mission indicates the real reason why a company exists, so it is very critical for the organization. It states the reason for company’s existence. In order to compose a successful mission statement, there are some points that should be kept in mind. First, the mission statement should be concisely written. It should not be more than two lines. It should be impressive which means that it should impress the customers in such a way that they readily want to become a part of it. A mission statement should be always mentioned in the present tense as it defines the position of your organization that where it stands today. It should enlist the long term goals indicating where the company stands today and how it will proceed.

Already established organizations do not need mission statement as much as a priority as a newly organization does. Because it is a newly found system and people do not know the reason that why a certain organization has been founded. Therefore, it’s necessary for the organization to state a clear and impressive mission statement which not only attracts customers but also keeps the employees aware of the reason for which they are here.

For example, the mission of Google is to make data accessible to its users from the whole world.

They may sound like synonyms but represent two different entities in an organization. The vision statement states the future position of a company where it wants to stands after 5 or 10 years from now on. For example, the United Nation has made 21 goals which it wants to achieve by 2030 including eradication of hunger and poverty and making sustainable communities. This vision statement highlights the position where the UN wants the world to reach by 2030 and provides the guideline to create a mission statement keeping in mind the vision of the organization. Whereas the mission statement describes the current situation of an organization and defines the approach and plan to reach the determined destination. It deals with the present of the organization rather than the future. It openly defines the cause of its existence. For example, the mission statement of UN is to maintain international peace and security.

Core Values

They can be defined as the set of rules and principles that indicate the way the employees and employers will work in order to achieve their goals. They are the principles defined on the basis of how a company wants its employees to work. For example, truthfulness, honesty, hard work, loyalty with the job and company etc.

How are Core Values Helpful?

Keeping core values is beneficial for the company itself as it helps the employers to hire the most suitable individuals for the desired job with the right qualities. They enable a company to take the right decisions. As the company can only earn success when the team works together, it is essential for the company to introduce the core values on which the whole team can work together. Lack of core values can result in haphazardness and panic among the employees as everyone will determine their own direction hurting the company’s mission and vision.


All three components i.e. vision, mission and core values are essential for an organization to stay on the right track. They guide the present and future of the company and make sure that company and its employees stay on the ethics and set of rules. The future position is characterized by vision, the present position in market is characterized by the mission and the set of rules that tell the employees that how should they behave characterizes core values. These three composed the foundation of the company and failure to formulate these will result in failure of all strategies employed by the company.

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