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How Manager Can Be An Effective Coach For Their Team

Coaching in business is essential to improve performance. This is why many business owners, managers, and CEOs are beginning to focus on acquiring coaching skills. The 2010 Executive Coaching reports show that 63% of organizations now inculcate the culture of internal coaching. Every business manager/owner is expected to build coaching skills for business growth and performance. This article will discuss how you can become an effective coach for your team.

How to Become an Effective Coach?

Coaching is the skill and art of developing your team, harnessing their full potentials. It requires the ability to help your employees grow. The following are ways you can become an effective coach to improve performance.

Be Emotionally Intelligent

Coaching is largely hinged on the interactions between the manager and the team. Therefore, a good coach must be emotionally intelligent, such that he can favorably interact with his team members. As a manager, you must be empathetic, paying attention to your team’s yearnings and challenges.

Discover the Strengths of Every Team Member

Every team member is unique. To be an effective coach, you must find out the uniqueness of every member. You must also help them to develop their strengths. The truth is that understanding the strength of every team member allows you to plan your projects and carry them out effectively. Recognizing their strength and assigning them tasks based on it will encourage maximum performance.

Build a Solid Relationship with Your Team

Every good relationship is built on trust. Effective coaches build their relationship with the team on trust. It is hard to learn from someone you don’t trust. Therefore, to be an effective coach, you must build a cordial relationship with your team. And it must be founded on trust. How do you achieve this?

  • By giving sound judgment
  • By being patient
  • Fulfilling all promises and agreements
  • Rubbing minds and sharing thoughts with your team, etc.


Be Result Oriented

Effective coaching is about achieving results. So, as an effective coach, you must result oriented. You do this by helping your team set meaningful goals. You must also help them to identify ways the goals can be achieved. Don’t forget to monitor their progress. Hold them accountable for everything that you have assigned to them.


In conclusion, to be a good executive coach, you must be a good listener. You should listen to them in their highs and lows. You must also support them. Be a good role model. Set goals for yourself and achieve them. The most successful business leaders, owners, and managers are effective coaches. They have mastered the art. If you desire maximum performance, big wins, and successes in your business, you must learn to be an effective coach.

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