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4 Tips To Improve Your Employee Productivity

The success of a company is highly related to employee productivity as it is the engine on which a business thrives. Employee productivity is known as the productivity in the workplace and also the measure of an individual employee’s output. It can help to let your company become more profitable and remain competitive. This is why you should improve your employee productivity. You have to make sure your employees are focused on the right things at the right times as this can help you to get the results that you want with a very little wasted effort. Thus, here are the tips to improve your employee productivity.

1. Improve Workplace Environment for Employee Productivity

To improve your employees productivity, you will have to make sure your employees are working in the most desirable environment. There are 3 basic requirements of the workplace environment. 

First is the natural lights. Apart from the LED lights in the office, you must make sure that there are plenty of natural lights in the office. For instance, the office can be designed with a focus on daylighting and also some outdoor elements inside which help to create a sunny and productive workplace environment. This will help to improve employee satisfaction which brings an increase in employee productivity. 

The second basic requirement will be plants. You may include plant-life in the office as a green office can help to make the employee feel more comfortable, and thus it will help to improve employee productivity in your organisation. 

Next is the third basic requirement which is do not leave the office wall colours white. According to research, when employees work in an office with white walls, they will make more errors. Therefore, instead of painting the wall into white colour, you may try the option for red that can help with detail-oriented tasks, green colours that helps motivate or blue colours which can boost creativity. In addition, you may also encourage your employee to make their work space feel like home. For example, building a fun corner and providing your employee free coffee or food.

2. Optimise Email for Employee Productivity

Do you realise, due to the constant flow of your employee receiving email, half of the employee productivity is gone? However, email is indispensable in the workplace. Hence, you have to try to manage the email flow. For example, you may encourage your employee to use proper email etiquette as well as keeping the email short and on point to increase employee productivity. Yet, do remember to instruct your employee to be kind, straightforward and polite in their response. Furthermore, choose a time frame each day for your employee to cope with emails. One of the important points will be never ever emailing your employee in the middle of the night as you will not want to stress your employee with a night email. This will show a decline in your employee work performance. 

3. Provides Meaningful Feedback for Employee Productivity

In order to improve your employee productivity, it is important to have a regular schedule feedback session with your employee. However, although everyone loves to get praised and it is much easier for you, you still can’t give all the praises. It is vital to tell your employee what they can improve. In fact, you can go with a formula such as starting with telling your employee where they are working well and what they should improve on then you may ask their opinion. Sometimes, starting a conversation by asking an opinion from your employee, you will be able to get what you are searching for. Moreover, giving feedback should be in two-way communication. Hence, by reviewing your employee, you can ask them what you could do to help them to improve. For instance, your employee might need more guidance on certain tasks or others. To sum up, providing meaningful feedback from both sides will also increase your employee productivity.

4. Increase Workplace Engagement for Employee Productivity

Employee engagement is one of the tips to improve employee productivity. Statistics show that engaged employees show up more productive than disengaged employees. Do you know that employees’ happiness, motivation and engagement would be the most valid things that you can apply to improve employee productivity. To increase employee engagement, you may give your employee some exciting rewards or praises if they have done an excellent job or any time spent doing an outstanding job. Fulfil employees’ needs can help to increase employee engagement. Besides, you may also involve your employee in the company’s production such as consider their comments, thoughts or opinion on a regular basis and give continuous feedback. In addition, providing training and coaching programs are able to increase the engagement of your employees as they will feel the company is investing in their future. 


Above are the tips to improve your employee productivity within your organisation. By utilising these tips, you can boost your employee productivity in your company. Just keep in mind that you need to value your employee in a way that you value your customers.

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