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5 Key Competencies Every Manager Should Know

For management to work well, someone must have certain essential skills and knowledge. The way things are run shows what kind of leader is in charge.

Now, what makes a good manager? How can we tell that they are being managed well? The short answer could be: because they make the most of the resources they have, keep losses to a minimum, and make money for the organisation.

But these three things are what a manager is expected to do. We should also include things like putting together good work teams, creating the right synergy, being a persistent communicator, and taking risks that only a real leader would take.

Why do you Need Management Skills?

In any management job, you need to master a set of skills that make you a must-have. We think there are six skills that every good manager should have. First and foremost, you need to be able to lead your team well. If you can’t do that, your projects could be delayed, deadlines could be missed, and employee morale could go down.

The importance of good communication can’t be overstated. Getting better at this skill can help you motivate your staff, handle the expectations of both your team and your clients, and solve conflicts between team members. As a manager, you often have to work with team members at different levels of the company. Mastering how to work with other people is a key part of being successful at work.

Critical thinking is a key part of both leading teams and making plans, which are two of the most important jobs of a manager. Your ability to solve problems and make tactical decisions will improve a lot if you can think critically. Finance skills are also part of the job. Whether you’re balancing marketing budgets or doing payroll, every manager needs to know how to make strategic decisions based on the risks and rewards of money.

Lastly The field of project management covers everything. A project manager is in charge of making sure that all the parts of planning and carrying out a project are taken care of. If you learn the other 5 management skills, you’ll be a better project manager.

What are the Key Competencies of an Effective Manager

Planning – Organising – Directing – Supervising – Controlling

The management cycle or process is something that every manager must know. Here is where good management starts. A good manager must not only understand the ideas, but also know how to put each step or stage to use.

If a manager doesn’t use this tool, he or she will have less power and reach. We’ll briefly explain each of these skills below:


Planning means making a list of priorities and goals, as well as figuring out how to reach those goals. In this case, the control system is set up to measure how well management is working.


Organizing is the process of setting up roles, responsibilities, and authority, as well as allocating resources (both material and financial). People make ways to talk to each other.


Direction is giving clear, specific instructions on how to reach the goals. People are given jobs and responsibilities. It also involves being a leader, getting people to work hard, and using channels of communication.


Supervising means not only judging how well the team is doing, but also helping each person do their best. People are watched over, and their goals are controlled.


The system for control is put into place. It’s a constant look at how things are going until the end of the term (the year or project.) Deviations from the plan must be fixed and made to fit the plan.


By helping your employees develop these five core skills, you can help them reach their full potential and improve the success of your organisation as a whole. We hope that this post gives you the ideas you need to manage employees well.

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