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The High Performance Leadership, Management, and Team Coaching Program

A well-structured training programme that is tailored to the demands of your organisation.

Strategy Make A Difference, Execution Make It Happen!

DoerHRM High Performance programme is a blended learning solution meant to help managers think and behave like leaders, therefore motivating and engaging their employees. Watch the video to learn more.

OKR Training

Manager training will be given in-house or face-to-face by a coach with years of experience.

OKR Coaching

Managers will apply what they have learned on the workplace, with the guidance of a professional coach.

OKR Support

Managers will be provided with tools to help them get things done by working better as a team.

Help managers learn, practise, and use it in the flow of work to make it last

Your team will learn the basic of how to build a high performance team and some effective team coaching approach to adopt coaching mindset, to develop knowledge and skill in coaching, and to create a coaching environment.

We partner with HRD Corp to give you a 100% Claimable Training Program to drive business results.

The program is a combination of classroom theory, homework multimedia, hands-on, proven practical experience sharing and software tools for the implementation of knowledge gained in order to make the learning complete; that’s applying immediately what have been learned!

2 Days In-house Training

Management Training & Coaching
Effective Leadership Development

3 Months Online Coaching

Team Coaching Essentials
Coaching for Greater Influence
High performance Coaching

Help companies build a high performance team

Managers will learn in a way that is unique to DoerHRM High Performance Team: they will learn from both an instructor and their peers. Then, they’ll use what they’ve learned on the job before going back to their group to share what they’ve learned and keep getting better.

What makes us different

Bring the right set of skills, attitudes and software tools to engage, retain, and achieve results through your team. DoerHRM High Performance programme provides the first time managers and experienced managers with the skills and tools to take their leadership and management capability to the next level.

Our Learning Solution