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360 Feedback

A feedback process is received from the peers, supervisors, and managers of an employee, as well as a self-evaluation by the employees themselves.

Boost morale among colleagues

Employees should inspire and support each other during working days.

With 360 Feedback, anyone from various departments, whether your colleagues or managers are free to provide feedback to complement your work or leave notices about your actions in the office.

DoerView offers an opportunity to be completely anonymous to provide honest feedback to a coworker that they might otherwise be uncomfortable giving.

DoerView helps:

Measures of Input satisfaction

Your colleagues, subordinates or managers will give you multiple ratings to determine the job you deserve to be at. It will show you a graph of all your input ratings after the rating process. This is influenced by positive psychology and designed to develop specific strengths for a person.

DoerView provides the qualities and behaviors required in the organisation to fulfill the mission, vision, and goals while also living the values.

With DoerView, it can help direct critical development so that managers can promote the growth of their employees effectively.

You will discover what restricts employees from collaborating effectively and how your company’s procedures, approaches, and policies impact employee performance.

Transparency of recognition

360 feedback surveys are used by managers and leaders within companies to get a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. The analysis gathers information about the skills of an individual from their supervisor or colleagues to foster improvement within employees.

Employee learns more about themselves and one other as a result of transparent feedback.

Although the feedback received from was to be discreet, the whole system would be visible for all employees to see.

Now, with DoerView, you can add transparency to your list of feedback must-haves, and you will surely notice a difference in your employees.

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