The OKR System That Makes a Difference

To ensure a results-driven business culture, you may get DoerHRMs free OKR system and tools.

DoerHRMs free OKR system allows you to track your progress. Take a look at the plans that will propel the OKRs ahead. Everyone in your organisation should have access to information.

Free OKR System for 14 days

Align your teams - Free OKR System

  • Includes everything you’ll need to manage and thrive with OKRs – Free OKR System
  • Highly flexible and scalable to meet your demands – Free OKR System
  • Unique features include OKR meeting management without the use of slides – Free OKR System
  • Expert assistance – Free OKR System
  • Integrate KPIs, projects, tasks, and communication tools – Free OKR System
  • Provides security and compliance as standard – Free OKR System
Coaching – Free OKR System
  • Examine your goals and key outcomes
  • Check and modify your OKRs’ alignment
  • Get answers to your queries as well as OKR guidance
Onboarding – Free OKR System
  • Establish your company’s structure and key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Learn how to make the move from spreadsheets to OKRs for the first time
Training – Free OKR System
  • OKR fundamentals: what they are, how to write them, and how to align them
  • Navigation, adding OKRs, using Weekly Check-in, and other aspects of DoerHRM

How It Works - Free OKR System

Company OKRs – Free OKR System

Leaders establish Company Objectives to guide teams in the direction they need to go for the quarter.

Team OKRs – Free OKR System

Teams create Objectives and Key Results that will help the company achieve its goal.

Weekly Check-ins – Free OKR System

Connected to the Team’s Objectives, allowing you to see how these strategies will help you achieve your goal.

OKR Meetings – Free OKR System

A regular meetings attended by the team members who are working on the same OKRs to ensure their OKRs are on track.

When organising your week, always keep your OKRs in mind - Free OKR System

Make your plans with OKRs in mind

Weekly plans may be easily added right under the Team Objective.

OKR Weekly Reports

Quickly see how well OKRs are progressing and what strategies teams have in place to help them achieve their goals.

Complete transparency

Everyone may see all OKR and Company Objectives and Plans that are linked.

Features of DoerHRM - Free OKR System

OKR - Free OKR System

Link team OKRs to company objectives to see how far all teams have progressed.

KPI - Free OKR System

Set KPI objectives and thresholds separately from Key Results.

Check-In - Free OKR System

Make daily and weekly goals to help you achieve your OKRs.

Baseline & Metrics - Free OKR System

Draw performance comparisons between the past and the present.

1-on-1 Meeting - Free OKR System

Use 1:1s to clear up any questions you have regarding the OKR cycle.

Calendar - Free OKR System

Make your own daily tasks and deadlines and monitor them yourself.

Functions of DoerHRM - Free OKR System

1. OKR [Objective Key Results] – Free OKR System
Confidence Level – Free OKR System
  • Confidence looks forward and progress looks back. This is a fantastic Key Result indicator.
Team Alignment – Free OKR System
  • Through N levels of hierarchy, cascade and monitor OKR to OKR or KR to OKR.
Team Feedback – Free OKR System
  • Feedback may be as easy as meeting with an employee one-on-one once OKRs have been established.
2. Business Metrics – Free OKR System
3. KPI [Key Performance Indicator] – Free OKR System
Monthly Planning – Free OKR System
  • Evaluate total company performance and make necessary changes to meet an annual sales goal.
Weekly KPI – Free OKR System
  • Track KPI weekly, allowing management to evaluate team’s performance and make necessary adjustments to meet a monthly goal.
4. Daily Check In – Free OKR System
Progress & Problem Status – Free OKR System
  • Focus on precise, actionable OKRs that are relevant to each team or individual.
Weekly Report – Free OKR System
  • Use this weekly review procedure to keep track of the tasks you complete to move your OKRs forward.
Manager Feedback – Free OKR System
  • Provide feedback, direct the course of a project, and solve issues before they become overwhelming.
5. 1-on-1 Meeting – Free OKR System
Group Meeting – Free OKR System
  • Instant team meetings with meeting components for OKRs, KPIs, weekly objectives, and last meeting actions.
6. Team Work Calendar – Free OKR System

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