About Us

DoerHRM is a Malaysia-based OKR Solution provider established since 2019. DoerHRM aims to provide the best OKR Solution for entrepreneurs and organizations in Malaysia, Singapore, and internationally. Additionally, DoerHRM offers a one-stop solution of OKR and more than 10 other tools and provides a more efficiency and seamless HR system. In DoerHRM (OKR Solution Malaysia), we strive to build the easiest and most productive performance management software to help businesses blooms.

About DoerHRM - OKR Solution Malaysia

As one of the most affordable OKR Solution provider in Malaysia, DoerHRM built an efficient performance empowering system that transform THINKER and TALKER into DOER so that ideas could manifest into reality.

DoerHRM (OKR Solution Malaysia) is a platform consisting of OKR, Coaching, KPI and 360° Feedback to help organizations set pace and perform at their best to achieve the desired and ambitious goals.

Our Values

Our teams are connected by shared values. These core values hold us together in producing DoerHRM (OKR Solution Malaysia) so that companies are able to blossom.


Focus on Priorities

Focusing on priorities are easier said than done. Most people got divert away from their goals, failing to achieve them. Most importantly, we are a firm believer of getting one thing done at a time to produce best result.


Communication is the key

We practice frequent communication with our team and clients to improve DoerHRM (OKR Solution Malaysia). Above all, we encourage feedbacks and suggestions from all parties.


Lifelong Learning

Our team learn new skills along the way to develop the best performance empowering system to serve all business. For instance, we get engage with professional coaches and trainers in all business fields to help build successful businesses for our clients in Malaysia, Singapore, and around the world.


Team Alignment

Our team aligns and focus on the same direction with clear priorities, in a constant rhythm. Certainly, we believe that the only way to build a successful business is to build a successful team.

Our Leaders

Our CEO and Co-founder

Ng Shone Fone

Experienced entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in the field of building and growing businesses. A strategist and committed entrepreneur who is currently leading and managing 10 SMEs and start-ups in Malaysia.

Our Co-founder and Chief Software Engineer

Bernard Yong

Our Location

DoerHRM (OKR Solution Malaysia) is located in Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

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