Performance Solution Partner Program

Become a Performance Solution Partner to get accessed to all the DoerHRM software, expert support, and resources you’ll need to become the coach your clients appreciate.

Join us to Coach better, Grow bigger

The Performance Solution Partner Program focus in supporting the team throughout the year with the mix of performance reporting, feedback, tracking tools that’s right for an organization. It is an ecosystem of coaching that offer strategic action planning, performance measurement and management, and HRM implementation services.

You may want to expand your products and services mix, win new clients to grow your annual revenue , or improve customer retention, DoerHRM experts will provide partners with continuous responsive support on your customer winning strategy and to ensure that you grow with your clients with a satisfying experience with the software platform.

Find the right fit for you

The Performance Solution Partner Program is designed for training and development companies, coaching and mentoring consultants, and other sellers in IT or business field that want to learn, grow their business, and use the best performance management technology.

Select the Right Partnership

The Performance Solution Partner Program allows you to put your business into its next phase of growth. Expand new revenue streams, grow the business, and delight your customers when you partner with DoerHRM.

The program is for consultants, advisors, brokers or coaches that are able to connect their clients and prospects to our software. Our software is specially made for performance and goal management which can help business owners, leaders and management team to fully take control of the company’s and team’s direction. In order to become a referral, contact our system implementation success team to ensure a seamless transaction with each of your prospects.


You will receive:

10% revenue share (one year of commission)


Interested in using DoerHRM to onboard and deliver powerful performance improvement solutions to your clients? Become a performance solution partner and unlock the benefits that come with a deeper partnership with DoerHRM.

You will get access to:


You will receive:

30% discount (1st year)

Applying for our Partnership Program is a quick and easy process. You just need to fill up the form in less than 1 minute and you’ll be on your wat to becoming a Partner of DoerHRM! Once you’ve applied, the DoerHRM team will get back to you within 3 business days.

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